BAUCE Joaillerie

BAUCE is a brand of Joaillerie Française, heir to one of the most prestigious know-how in the world. His creations revisit the codes of luxury with a modernity that has limits only in the technical achievements of goldsmith’s desires.

In 2012, Jamil, the founding jeweler of BAUCE created his own Jewelery House after a training at the Montmorency school and 25 years of passionate experiences for the workshops of the Place Vendôme, of which 9 years as Jeweler Founder.

His installation in Paris, the undisputed capital of luxury and jewelery, is only another tribute to this craft of art that incarnates more than any other timeless beauty.

The same year Exceptional collaboration with an unusual being.

The Jewelery

Coming from the Ecole du Louvres and of the Ecole Boulle, Bassier becomes at 30 years, the youngest Best Worker of France in Jewelery Promotion 2004. He is distinguished by a rare mastery of his Art, which he transmits in turn Today, being jury of this unique title.

He then worked for several years as Jeweler-Writer and Writer for the workshops at Place Vendôme, including Maison Cartier, and then concentrated his extraordinary know-how in The Maison BAUCE. His only ambition is to free his creative energy with the excellence that characterizes him and to put his jewels in a dream dimension of luxury.

The gold in his hands is above all that of an unparalleled precision he.