Entirely designed in the workshops of La Maison BAUCE, this mixed bracelet reveals a contemporary style where Oriental influences and western countries. The manufacture of each pearl testifies to a legacy of secular prestige, an ode to jewelery creation.

The B•33 is composed of round beads Guilloche and an interlayer bead with or without diamonds. They are threaded by hand on wires for a delicate movement around the wrist. Under remarkable gestures, matter has been chiseled, magnified in its very essence, to compose with the light a perfect harmony.

The bracelet comes in rhodium silver version titled 950/1000, in yellow gold, pink gold or palladiumplated 18 karat gold and platinum.

With two design sizes of 5 and 6 mm diameter, the B•33 adapts to all sizes and fits in the intimacy of each for a wonder of each moment.


B-33 - The pearl

The pearl - The guillochage

The guilloché created La Perle unique of the B•33, giving a sumptuous shimmer to each of its facets. The work of the motif, of extreme finesse, required several years of research in order to achieve the quintessence of brilliance.

Harmony of crosses and Depth then prompt the light with an exceptional intensity for an incomparable brilliance.

The case - The crime

The interlayer bead of the bracelet, engraved by the name of BAUCE, can be set with diamonds on all these faces and then reveals a fairy dimension.

This paving of precious stones carried out to the binocular becomes an eternal jewel, a hymn to absolute beauty. Diamonds reveal magnificence of the jewel.

The jewel of its creators.

B-33 L'écrin